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Meet Alterra, a catalyst and leading tech company in Indonesia. We’re built for helping other tech companies to achieve their goals. We believe, with our services and support from the people like you, we can build a better digital ecosystem.

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"I’ve always wanted to build the best tech company to contribute back to society."

Ananto Wibisono
Co Founder

"Dreaming of having the best place to work? Nope! I create one, here, at Alterra."

Puspa Maslim
Chief of Happiness

Customer Focus

It doesn’t start with you, it starts with your customer. Tirelessly find ways to better serve them so you can grow the right way!


Mediocrity is never an advantage. Shoot for the stars, because great is not enough. Be significant!


Be a scientist! Know your customers’ dynamic needs and expectations deeper. Be data-driven and try to find solutions in unique places.


It does not matter how well we do things, if our clients don’t trust us to do the right things, we cannot grow. It does not matter how well you do your job, if your colleagues cannot trust you to do the right things, you will not grow!


This company was not started by one person, it cannot be grown by one person, and it will not become successful for the sake of one person. We believe that if your goals can be achieved alone, they are not big enough!

We’re Glad to be Happy, Healthy and Inspired

We’ve been awarded by Jobplanet as The Best Place to Work in Indonesia in 2017. You’ll find a happy,
cooperative and supportive environment to work. Our facilities will also make you feel “paid while having fun”.

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World Class Tech Practice

Scrum Method

Daily Stand up

Sprint Measure

Latest Edge Framework

Limitless Platform for Growth

Experience Peers

Best in Class Advisors

Personal Development Courses

Strong Collaborative Community

Collaborative Culture

Highly engaged People

100% Retention Rate

Circle of Trust

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Job Title Departement Location  
Business Analyst - BSA Denpasar, Indonesia
People Services Manager Human Resources Jakarta, Indonesia
Senior Infra - BSA Denpasar, Indonesia
Finance and Accounting Supervisor Finance Jakarta, Indonesia
Account Executive - BSA Denpasar, Indonesia
Public and Media Relations Government Relations Jakarta, Indonesia
Project Manager - BSA Denpasar, Indonesia
Business Analyst Government Relations Jakarta, Indonesia
Technical Writer - BSA Denpasar, Indonesia
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