Corporate Strategy Analyst - BSA


Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia


Contracted to Full Time

Strategic Analysis (Environmental Scanning)

  • Support research and relevant studies on specific topics related to business, policy and others as required and prepare reports on findings
  • Support competitor benchmarking, marketing program effectives, industry intelligence, consumer knowledge, and development of strategic initiatives
  • Support awareness and insightful analyses of the market and transaction trends as well as identifies and explores any adjacencies to the business in order to ascertain risks and opportunities
  • Support in building analytical models and performs regular financial, competitive, performance, and market analyses for the business in order to comprehensively value business opportunities and ensure well-founded strategies are presented to the relevant leadership
  • Gather requirements for regular analysis reports for senior strategy management , business leadership and executives, and relevant stakeholders for purposes of further decision making
  • Gather relevant data and requirements to implement strategic and analytical tools and


Strategic Initiatives (Corporate Strategy Formulation)

  • Support quantitative/qualitative research and analysis necessary in developing recommendations for growth strategies that support the continued improvement of the business’s overall performance

  • Support execution of functional strategic initiatives through the development of work plans,
    gathering and generation of relevant data, driving analyses, and the development of actionable

  • Support the development (mostly short term) of business and functional strategies with a specific focus on designing and implementing new strategic approaches, ideas, and processes that will grow the business and avail measurable results (by putting in place performance measures that will determine the effectiveness of implemented strategies and identify areas for strategic improvement)


Business Strategy Evaluation and Adjustment

  • Support in conducting evaluation of department and / or business unit-specific performance
    against targets and make necessary adjustments as is necessary
  • Monitor targets, KPIs, and / or OKRs of functional / business unit performance against and
    determine the effectiveness of the implemented strategies


Strategic Process Improvement

  • Execute functional process improvement initiatives
  • Gather relevant data and requirements to develop process mapping and business process improvement, performance dashboard, etc
  • Support development of SOPs, manuals, training materials and other documents as needed to
    enable a successful implementation of new business/project


Job Qualification

Education (degree of formal education)
Bachelor’s Degree

Experience (length of relevant experience)

0-3 years of experience

Knowledge and Skills (familiarity and ability to carry out specific area/issue)
● Professional working proficiency in English written and oral communication skills
● Knowledgeable with process mapping, market research, risk management, etc.
● Comfortable convincing the leader from other team key insights to take consideration
of through deep data analysis about industries relevant to the business, its
competitors, market, and clients.

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