UX Manager


Jakarta, Indonesia


Full Time

UX manager expected to be an analytical and creative designer who is able to grasp user needs and solve problems. A strong portfolio of successful UX and other technologies is essential. Ultimately, UX manager will make the product more user-friendly and intuitive to attract and retain the customer.

Area of Responsibility

  1. User Research 
  • Understand product specifications and user psychology
  •  Conduct testing of sample applications, websites, and software to Assess user experience and ease of design
  • Use recent studies and findings to establish the best overall design elements to include in UX design experiences
  • Create surveys for research through various media platforms to gather feedback on user's ease of use and satisfaction interfacing on company websites and products
  • Identify customer responses and website data to examine high traffic web pages and determine why certain webpages perform better
  • Create an initiative way to solve UX problem

      2. Wireframe & Prototyping 

  • Build storyboards to conceptualise designs to accurately convey project plans to Product Manager and Stakeholders
  • Design the aesthetics to be implemented within a website or app, from the layout menus and drop-down options to colours and fonts allowing for interface edits as needed
  • Enhance the user experience by creating seamless navigation through various digital platform within the company
  • Combine interface design concepts with digital design and establish milestones to encourage cooperation and teamwork
  • Communicate design ideas and prototypes to developer

      3. Lead and manage the team to become as successful as possible 

  • Has responsibilities to determine team OKR to ensure the team had the capability to achieve it and keep motivated
  • Has responsibilities to manage team priority to ensure the team has clear direction and priority
  • Champion and promote design thinking, research, and processes within an agile organisation to get the best outcome as possible
  • Communicate design expectations and interaction behaviours to Software Engineer and QA teams using the most appropriate tools and means available 



  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Design, Development or Engineering
  • 3 years of experience as UI or UX Designer
  • Experience managing a successful team
  • Experience in user research and produce actionable insight
  • Experience with human-centred design methodology, with some work experience working in interdisciplinary design teams
  • Professional written and interpersonal skills when communicating with customers and stakeholders
  • Experience in Design Thinking framework would be loveable
  • An understanding of the latest design and technology trends and their role in a commercial environment


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